Rules how make a quick booking escort by WhatsApp, sms

A lack of guidelines for booking escort by WhatsApp frequently creates problems . Because of this, misunderstandings can occur between the client and an independent girl escort, or between a gentlemen and the operator. Thus, we want to talk about the process of booking escort girl by WhatsApp to avoid these problems. This is full information which included all details why shortly right booking escort girl important for independents escorts girls. Available shortly recommendations how make quick booking escort WhatsApp, Viber sms (click on link).

Importance of the rules for booking escort by WhatsApp

Roksolana is NOT an escort agency. We only promote advertising for girls. We don’t offer operator services for girls. Some independent escorts girls answer on calls and messages and some girls have an operator. It is a personal choice for a girl

It is not a responsibility for Roksolana. We know of important problems for girls when they talk with clients for appointments. Also, we understand our clients. Roksolana wants to offer services of high quality to both of you.

Our opinion is that services can’t be of high quality if a gentlemen and girl not use any rules.  Because anyone have personal rules, we don’t say what rules are right and what rules are wrong.  We try to create  rules for “players” mans and girls. Here, we published rules for making a quick booking escort by WhatsApp or sms. These rules are offered by independent escorts girls and operators. Girls think it is best way for booking escort girl by WhatsApp, Viber or SMS.

However, we are open to suggestions. If any of our members has idea’s or wishes for  booking escort girl, please write here in the comments. Or, create a discussion on the forum and offer your ideas. Of course, you can send  a message to my emailaddress: (my name is Alena). We prefer to talk about this in the comments or on the forum. It is our goal to offer a comfortable process for booking escort girls.  It is important for us to hear the opinion of other people.

Please ask your questions or offer your idea’s to us. If you offer a interesting solution and other people likes it, then it will become part of these rules.  Our goal is to create one set of rules which will be comfortable for girls and gentlemen.

Independent escort girl – a personal view

Many gentlemen wants to have a meeting with independent escorts girls. In reality, only 5 to 10% escorts girls wants to be independent. The reason for this is that a girl must arrange many things herself. For instance, finding sites for advertising, creating profiles and so on.  Not any girl can and want to do this.

So, some independents girls use services of Roksolana. We provide a service by offering to promote advertising to these girls on our site for a fixed price.

Although it is a important problem for any independent escort girl, we do not assist the girls to make appointments with gentlemen. It is important to realize that if we do this Roksolana would be seen as an escort agency.

Common problems for independent escort girls

  1. Many girls lack experience in making quick and correct appointments.
  2. Girls don’t have a large base of clients. Also they aren’t always able to write a sms or make a call to check if gentlemen are serious or fake.
  3. If girl is popular and has good advertising, she will have many sms, calls, messages on WhatsApp, Viber.
  4. When a girl is busy, she loses potentially visitors. Some gentlemen rapidly send messages and expects a quick answer. They do not know  a girl can’t reply on their message, if it is after 5-10 minutes, or after 1-2 hours, or tomorrow. Many gentlemen have no patience to wait and continue to search for other escort girls which are available in a more suitable time.
  5. When girl is free after a meeting (for example 1-2 hours), she comes back from shower and checks her telephone. Girls gets 15 calls, 10 sms, 30 WhatsApp messages (this is a common realistic example). She continue to receive other messages and calls where 70%  are fake. Some people are not serious in making real appointments with girls. For instance, men ask different questions for hours with just to only talk, or asking nude pictures of girls and even sending unacceptable pictures. We do not recommend this. Girls will stop to talk to these men  and list them on a black list.  Of course, booking escort girl can be done how you want. We only give  recommendations.
  6. If you see this is publication inside a escort girl link, then she also liked our rules. Gentlemen can create their booking as they wish. We do not tell you that you must use these rules.  However, gentlemen who send a short and concrete request for a booking are ensured to be contacted by the girl when she is free.

Note: this is recommendation only

Dear gentlemen. Our goal is just to create better services for you. You are allowed to create bookings in your own way. After all it is personal choice for any gentleman.

We appreciate nice humor and a good talk. Of course, you can ask a girl in your message  “how are you?” or send her a nice text. As a matter of fact, I know some operators who have good friendships with regular members. You can always ask if you have questions to us.  But if you wish to  have a long erotic chat, look for pictures of nude girls, or share your intimate photos instead of  booking escort by WhatsApp  then do not come to us but look for another site online. I hope anybody right understand me.

We only give the recommendation to use  short constructive sms.   Anyone can tell his opinion, or idea’s to us. We are trying to create high quality services for all of our members, but we can’t change if we don’t know what offer, idea, wish or critic that you think is important for us to know.

We can create the best site and services for you but without feedback this is impossible.

Why are the rules good for gentlemen?

The goal of Roksolana is to create better services for gentlemen. Also, these rules are to create a easy process for booking for gentlemen. Two main problems for independents girls is the promotion and advertising online and to appointment meetings. Roksolana can offer solutions for girls and promote profiles of independent escorts girls. But we can’t help with making appointments, because  Roksolana would be seen as an illegal escort agency. However, if gentlemen are willing to use these rules, then the process of booking escort girl will be very easy. More girls can work as independents escorts, because girls won’t have two main problems, advertise and appointments, to worry about. So, together with you and the girls, we will write a few simple rules that will eliminate many misunderstandings.

Also, we want to be certain that you make a correct booking and ensure the safety of our girls. Therefore, people who repeat to violate these guidelines are added to our blacklist.

We are respectful and serious to our clients. Thus, clients who want to do business with us should do the same.  We have written recommendations for a booking escort by WhatsApp or sms. With this in mind, we give priority to gentlemen who follow our recommendations. This gives us the ensurance that you are serious and trustworthy to meet our escort girls. It is important to realize these are guidelines, not mandatory rules.  You can create a booking by WhatsApp in any way that is convenient for you.  You can send a short request to us for booking escort by WhatsApp. All details for your meeting can be arranged with our operators.

David 19/09/2017 | Reply

Can I meet Tiffany this evening?


admin 20/09/2017 | Reply

Hello yes. for a make buuking use +32-466-126-136 for a WhatsApp. or +7-985-225-93-95 for SMS only. She last day in Belgium. But she wanted comeback after 7-10 days. Also totally recommendded follow our forum. Today-tomorrow I have some nice news, some themes on forum,available for registered members only. Non registered visitirs cant see this is topics.

NeiKo 08/10/2017 | Reply

Hello ! can i met Tiffany last week-end ?

NeiKo 08/10/2017 | Reply

On saturday 14 october

admin 25/10/2017 | Reply

Hi Darling

Darling if you have any questions or comments about Tiffany, you are welcome on forum in topic about Tiffany also you can looking Tiffany escort tours dates and cities inside profile Tiffany (look down).
On this is page I will happy answer on anyone your questions how better quick book escort by WhatsApp. ))

admin 25/10/2017 | Reply

Can recommended read also interesting information about appointment escort girl on forum

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