Simple booking escort by WhatsApp



Here writing short recommendations how quick make a booking escort WhatsApp. Why this is recommendations important, you can read details on page how better booking independents escorts in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

What you need to do for booking escort WhatsApp

  1. Information about the escort girl. Visit the girl’s profile on the official website of Roksolana before you post a message. Inside the profile of each escort girl you can find more detailed information. We ensure the information of the escort girl in her profile is 1oo% accurate. Click the link to learn more about the escort services of girls.
  2. Live information and reviews of the escort girls. Inside the profile of a girl, you can find two links in the text “about me” .

First link: live information about escort girls is found on the roksolana escort forum. You can find details as in which city, area and at what time a escort girl is available for a incall meeting.

Second link: You will find reviews escorts girls from différent forums , a collection of reviews from several local and international escortforums. Any gentlemen who have met a escort girl of Roksolana in the past can write a review on the forum or add it inside the profile of the escort girl.
How you can book an escort by WhatsApp or sms

Use these guidelines for booking escort WhatsApp

  1. The name of the escort girl
  2. Your time of choice for the appointment and its duration.

She will reply your message with a quick answer:

  • The address of the escort girl.
  • Proposal for the time of the appointment, duration, and price. (We can change this if the conditions of the appointment is not suitable for you).
    If you confirm the appointment send a message ” Ok” or ” Ok I will come” by SMS or WhatsApp to Roksolana.
  • You will recieve a SMS message of the operator : “Thanks, your booking is confirmed. Please send a SMS 5 minutes before you arrive at the meeting place. ” This confims your booking.
  • Confirm your precence to the operator by sending a SMS message 5 minutes before you arrive. Only then will the operator send the floor and room number where you can meet the escort girl.

Sex SERVICES: We are very serious about the reliability of the information on our escort site. The profile of each girl contains a detailed list of the standard services that she offers. Also, extra services are possible for an additional price. With this in mind, we inform the girl to only specify the services on her profile that she is willing to offer to her clients.

Amateur photos escorts: 98% escorts girls which have profiles on escort site have amateurs pictures.

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